Carrier & Base Oils

Carrier oils---we supply the original ones
We at Sri Venkatesh Aromas want to tell the user an important fact about the use of carrier oils. Generally, almost all the essential oils except a few have to be mixed with this type of oil. This is to dilute the molecules that are concentrated so that any type of oil can spread on the surface of the skin in a smooth manner. 
Use 30 ml of carrier oil for the massage of body
We provide the finest brand of carrier oils for the complete body massage. Just use 30 mil of the oil of our brand and it will be a wonderful experience. 
Carrier oil is base oil
Remember one thing that when one uses the carrier oil, one uses it for the aromatherapy. But the layer person must not actually use the pure oil without consultation because it comes under the gambit of medical science. We suggest using carrier oils as base oils as they do not have the volatile properties and they are extracted from either nuts or seeds. The carrier oils available with us do not have the smell. These are pure cent percent base oils. There is no preservative added. 


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