Cucumber Oil

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Cucumber Oil

The botanical name of Cucumber is Cucumis sativus and branches itself from the family of cucurbitaceae meaning thereby the family of fruits. Cucumber itself possesses several essential properties however this oil is derived from its seeds rather than the fruit. Cucumber oil can be extracted by cold pressing the dried seeds of cucumber. Such process needs to be undertaken under expert guidance in order to retain its high mineral levels and its purity. The extracted oil is a clear yellow liquid. It possesses slight traces of cucumber scent otherwise it is absolutely odourless. This oil generally enjoys a shelf life of up to one year however needs appropriate storing conditions like after opening the seal of the container it should be refrigerated.


·         Cucumber oil is made use of by cosmetic industries on large scale where products are manufactured for nail creams, skin or hair care. This is owing to its soothing, cooling and nutritive properties. 

·         One can gain finest of glow on their faces by simply adding a small amount to their freshening gels or facial masks.

·         Soap industries also make use of cucumber oil in combination with aloe vera, olive oil etc.

·         The usage of this oil also strengthens bones, ligaments, muscles, tendons in human body.

·         One can also benefit by making use of the oil and keep their nervous system healthy.

Constituents – Cucumber oil is composed of many necessary fatty acids like Omega 6, Linoledic, oleic, palmitic etc.

Blends with – The Cucumber oil can be combined with several other antioxidants, cucumber juice, olive oil, vitamin C etc in order to hydrate and nourish the skin with necessary nutrients.

Technical Information
Product Code SVA -126
Botanical Name Cucumis Sativa
Methods of Extraction Cold Pressing Method
CAS# 70955-25-8
F.E.M.A. # 3377
Color & Odor Straw Color Liquid
Country of Origin India

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