Chamomile German Hydrosol

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Chamomile German Hydrosol

The Chamomile German Hydrosol is botanically known as Matricaria recutita and is available in deep blue colour. The flower tops are used in hydro distillation process for extracting of this oil. The shelf life of this oil extends up to 14 months provided stored under refrigeration. If one consumes this oil in an undiluted form it may taste bittersweet and will also leave a floral taste that lingers. However when it is diluted the bitter taste vanishes. One will find how rare this particular oil is that smells similar to Chamomile tea with a green edge. In other words it is pleasant as it smells sweet and fresh. Facts state that Chamomile German Hydrosol botanically relates itself to ragweed plant. Thus individuals suffering from any allergies by using ragweed should also use Chamomile German Hydrosol with much care.

Uses –            

  • It is an excellent anti inflammatory oil and works both internally as well as externally.
  • It also treats foot odour, itching, burns and blisters etc and many other skin related conditions.
  • One can make use of it when suffering from sore stomach or discomforting bowel condition.
  • It acts as a great cleanser on skin and thus purifies it.
  • Its usage offers a boost of energy, and emotionally calms and comforts an individual.
  • Men may also use it as an after shave.
  • It is used for its antibacterial and antiseptic properties.

Constituents – The Chamomile German Hydrosol oil constitutes of components like Azulene, Bisabolol etc

Blends with – There are several oils with which it blends effectively like lemon, jasmine, ylang ylang, jojoba, tea tree, geranium, grape fruit, rose etc.

Technical Information
Product Code SVA - 114
Botanical Name Chamaemelum nobile
Methods of Extraction Hydro Distillation
CAS# 8022-66-2
F.E.M.A. # No
Color & Odor Deep Blue
Country of Origin France

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