Chamomile German Oil

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Chamomile German Oil

The botanical name of this oil is Matricaria chamomile and one can extract this oil by the process of steam distillation. The color of the oil is deep blue and the consistency of the oil is thin. The perfumery note of the oil is middle and the initial aroma strength of oil is medium. The aromatic description of the oil is herbaceous, fruity and sweet. The blue color of the oil is because of an ingredient which also provides an anti-inflammatory property of this oil. This oil was mentioned in Europe’s first medicinal guide. The plant from where the oil is extracted contains anti- oxidant properties


It is anti-inflammatory oil and it has got the anti allergic properties. It nourishes the skin with allergy.

This oil is good when it comes to the chronic tensions. Such tensions happen because of the menopausal problems, insomnia and migraine headaches

The oil clears body heat and acts as anti-irritant. It also waves emotions that are bad for example anger. This oil provides peace and patience.

This oil regenerates the skin and is a perfect cure for the itchy skin and other problems like eczema. This oil cures the allergies of the dogs. It can cure horse dermatitis, also.

Constituents of the oil

The principal constituent of the oil is chamazulene

Blends with

One can blend this oil with Pumpkin seed oil, Safflower oil and Sunflower oil

Technical Information
Product Code SVA -115
Botanical Name Chamaemelum Nobile
Methods of Extraction Steam Distillation Process
CAS# 8015-92-7
F.E.M.A. # 2275
Color & Odor Pale Blue Greenish, Clear Liquid & Sweet Herbal Green Woody Odor
Country of Origin Eastern Europe

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