Blue Lotus Absolute

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Blue Lotus Absolute

Lotus is a very effective flower, not just because of fragrance and looks but also due to the constituents that are unique in it. Lotus comes in a number of varieties, and they vary in minor amounts in their constituents. The basic thing that varies is the colouring pigment that the flowers constitute. In some, it is the blue coloured pigments while in others, there are other colours present. The blue lotus absolute is obtained from the blue variety that is rich in certain important health constituents. It is obtained by the usual process of solvent extraction and 1 ton of the flower can yield about 1 kilo of the oil. It is a light yellow coloured liquid that has a low viscosity and a faint fragrance.


It is used widely for aromatherapy. Its constituents that give the colour also are responsible for its aroma which has many good usages like:-

·         Relieving mental stress

·         Relieving physical tiredness

·         Rejuvenating after a stressful period of work or play

·         Massage oil mixed with other oils

·         Pain relieving oil absolutes in which it is mixed with other oils to reduce their pungent smell

·         Relieving headaches


Its chief constituents are aporphine and nuciferine. These constituents give it the strong aroma that helps in soothing the body nerves and release stress and pain.

Blends with

It is often blended with oils that are used for massaging of the body. Besides aroma, it also provides the valuable nutrients that keep the skin well. It is also blended with pain relieving oils to reduce their pungent odours.

Technical Information
Product Code SVA - 204
Botanical Name Nelumbo Nucifera
Methods of Extraction Solvent
CAS# 476-66-4
F.E.M.A. # 2370
Country of Origin India

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