White Champaca Absolute

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White Champaca Absolute

The white champka absolute is an extract of the champka tree. This is fragrant absolute oil and is associated with the bliss. This oil is not only magnificent but captivating also and the usage of this type of oil is said to bring the complete happiness in the person. The extract comes from the beautiful flower called champka and these come in the shades of woody balsam, roses and tea. The extract is highly mesmerizing when it comes to the fragrance and it is applied for various purposes in the eastern and western countries. One can purchase this extract from the various online as well as the offline stores depending on the choice of the individual. One can purchase any number of packs depending on the choice of the individual.


  • One of the important uses of the extract is that it soothes the body and mind and finds a wide application to generate the positive feelings among the individuals.
  • Being of good fragrance, one can apply this for a day to day freshness and this keep on generating the activity in the individual.
  • This extract is known for its purity and can be used for the various religious rituals.

Blends with

This extract blends with other extracts of the same category and also with the essentials oils of good incense. The blend is quite effective for body and mind.


One of the prime constituents is the champka. This comes from the Champka tree.

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