Jasmine Sambac Hydrosol

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Jasmine Sambac Hydrosol

Jasmine sambac hydrosol is obtained from a shrub called jasmine sambac, it is also widely recognised as the Arabian jasmine. This tree bears white flowers round the year that spread highly exotic fragrance and its leaves are oval in shape. This sweet smelling shrub called Jasmine sambac branches itself from the Oleaceae family of flowers. Its flowers burst open at night however in the morning they close. The flowers and buds are hydro distilled in order to extract the essential oil that is brownish yellow in appearance. Such oil is soluble in other essential oils and alcohol but not in water. It is said that the fragrance of jasmine can be felt even at a distance of a mile.

Uses –            

  • Owing to its several therapeutic properties it is widely used in aromatherapies, therapists also make its use for massages.
  • It offers great help to our nervous system by treating stress, depression, tension, dullness, headaches etc.
  • It is widely used in industries manufacturing room fresheners and also perfume based units.
  • It helps in calming one’s mind by eradicating the symptoms of anxiety, fear or vulnerability and replaces it with pleasant mood and confidence etc.
  • Usage of this oil helps almost all type skins textures by soothing and moisturising it, especially sensitive skin.
  • One may as well add it to their bathing ritual.              

Constituents – Several components are found in jasmine sambac hydrosol like indole, skatole, benzyl alcohol, linalool, methyl anthranilate etc.

Blends with – One can blend Jasmine Sambac Hydrosol with almost every other essential oil wherein it lends its superb scent. However for best outcomes this oil may be blended with Ylang Ylan, sandalwood other aphrodisiac oils.

Technical Information
Product Code SVA - 143
Botanical Name Jasminum sambac (L.)
Methods of Extraction Brownish yellow with a jasmine flower odor
CAS# 8022-96-6
F.E.M.A. # -
Color & Odor Brownish yellow with a jasmine flower odor
Country of Origin India

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