Benzoin Resonate Oil

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Benzoin Resonate Oil

Benzoin resonate oil is an effective oil used for the purpose of aromatherapy. It is actually classified as the Chakra essential oil and helps in the opening of the seven chakras. The oil finds a good use in the eastern parts of the world and is also exported to the different countries. The main content of this oil is Benzoin. The oil comes from the Benzoin tree and is also referred as the incense of Java. This is a resinous oil is full of calming effect especially of the person feels lonely and sad. The tree grows in Java and the oil comes from the resinous lump of the tree. The gum obtained is one of the main ingredients for the incense. This is warm and sweet oil and the color is golden brown. One can extract this oil by solvent extraction method.

Uses of the oil

  • This oil has got the uplifting effect.
  • It boosts the blood circulation and solves the respiratory disorders.
  • It boosts the elasticity of the skin and calms down the skin irritation.
  • It is an effective cure against the redness of the skin and the itchiness of the skin.
  • This oil has spiritual benefits and it will effectively open the chakras.. it is also a good meditative oil.

Constituents of the oil

Benzoic is one of the important constituents. Other constituents are cinnamic acids, benzyl benzoate, benzoic aldehyde and vanillin and coniferyl benzoate.

Blends with

The oil blends with fragrant oils like rose oil etc.

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