Cassia Oil

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Cassia Oil

Cassia oil is among the herbal products that leave an immense amount of good effects on the human life. Cassia is a tree that derives its name from the Hebrew word “quddah”. It also has resemblance to the Greek word “kasia” that refers to all those trees that belong to the acacia family. All this simply refers to one thing- that the tree and its good uses are known to the human beings for long. The Cassia oil is obtained from Cinnamomum cassia. It has an ORAC value of 15170 µTE per 100 grams. The oil is viscous and pale yellow with a very strong smell that is typical to the plant.


·         Cassia oil is known for its antiviral and antibacterial properties.

·         It helps in boosting the immune system by cleansing the blood. Thus, it is often used in tonics that are aimed at purifying the blood.

·         Its natural constituents remove the free radicals and hence help in deferring ageing.

·         It is excellent for keeping the health of the kidney good.

·         It also helps to cure arthritis and rheumatic pains.

·         It is also used for cooking because of its great aroma.

·         It helps as a stress buster in massage therapy as well.

Blends with

The oil is often blended with other oils during its end uses. It finds useful blends with neem oil and eucalyptus oil for external usage, especially for arthritis and rheumatic pains.


It consists of cinnamaldehyde, cinnamyl acetate, acetyl cysteine, coumarin and malondialdehyde, besides others.

Technical Information
Product Code SVA - 231
Botanical Name Cinnamomum cassia
Methods of Extraction Steam distillation
CAS# 8007-80-5
F.E.M.A. # 2258
Optical Rotation -1° to +1°
Color & Odor Pale yellow to Dark Brownish colour
Refractive Index 1.6020 to 1.6135 @ 20°
Specific Gravity 1.045 to 1.063 @ 25°
Major Constituents Aldehyde

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