Cumin Seed Oil

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Cumin Seed Oil

Cumin is a flowering plant which mainly belongs to the family of Apiaceae. Its Binomial name is Cuminum cyminum and mostly found from the region of east Mediterranean to India. Each cumin seed contained within a fruit which is dried. Cumin seeds are the member of the parsley family and can grow upto 12-20 inches tall and can easily be harvested by hand. This herbaceous plant grows with a slender glabrous branched step which grows 8-12 inches tall with a diameter or 1 ¼ - 2 inches. The stem of the cumin plan is grey or dark green coloured. The leaves of this plant are also 2-4 inches long pinnate or bipinnate with thread-like leaflets. The flowers on this plant are small and white or pink in colour and born in umbels.  


  • Cumin seed oil is used in the cuisines of many different cultures.
  • It is also used in veterinary medicines and serving as a digestant.
  • This oil has been also found very helpful in treating anemia and common cold.
  • It has been also found very effective in terms of enchanting appetite, digestion, strength, and vision and taste perception.
  • This particular seed oil is also used as a flavor and in several meat products.
  •  This oil is also used in different medicines for loss of appetite, vomiting, fever, edema, abdominal distension as well as puerperal disorders.


Cumin seed oil consists of aroma compounds which are cuminaldehyde, a promising agent against alpha-synuclein aggregation and cuminic alcohol. Other constituents of this oil are substituted pyrazines, 2-methoxy-3-sec-buty1pyrazine, 2-ethoxy-3-isopropylpyrazine, 2-methoxy-3-methylpyrazing.

Blends with-

Cumin seed oil blends with several essential oils like as dill, fennel, cardamom, caraway, coriander and many others.

Technical Information
Product Code SVA - 235
Botanical Name Cuminum Cyminum
Methods of Extraction Steam Distillation
CAS# 8014-13-9
F.E.M.A. # 2343
Optical Rotation +3° - +8°
Color & Odor Pale Yellow to Brownish liquid & odor is extremely Powerful, Diffusive Green Spicy slightly Fatty, Soft & Mellow
Country of Origin India
Refractive Index 1.495 – 1.509 @25°C
Specific Gravity 0.900 – 0.935 @25°C
Major Constituents Cuminic Aldehyde

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