Frangipani Oil

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Frangipani Oil

The frangipani oil is extracted from the plant otherwise called as ‘tree of life’ i.e plumeria. It holds a great capacity for healing and thus is considered to be precious in several places specifically in India since ancient times. The sweet smelling flower of this plant undergoes the process of enfleurage in order to obtain the rich and pure frangipani oil. Enfleurage is an ancient methodology wherein three elements are prominently used for oil extraction i.e. palm oil, alcohol and sugar. The liquid obtained is golden in colour and oozes a sweet aroma. The extracted oil holds several essential properties that effectively refresh one’s mind, body and soul. It is also believed that frangipani was the most favoured by lord Krishna.


·         The usage of this oil boosts one’s emotional state by curbing any thoughts of fear, stress, depression etc. In other words one uplifts their mood, confidence etc.

·         It can be used for deodorizing rooms.

·         Making use of the oil in the bathing ritual is a great step for leading a great day ahead.

·         It is a popular element used in aromatherapy, massaging with this easily absorbing oil leaves ones skin smooth and supple.

·         It holds many therapeutic properties like being a great antioxidant, aphrodisiac, anti inflammation agent, etc.

Constituents – The Frangipani oil is made up of several chemical elements like Ethanol Propylene Glycol, dipropylene glycol etc.

Blends with – Like other essential oils Frangipani oil can blend well with other essentials oils to name a few –lemon, orange, Ylang Ylang, clove bud, sandalwood, bergamot, rose, grape fruit, ginger etc.

Technical Information
Product Code SVA - 130
Botanical Name Plumeria
Methods of Extraction No
CAS# n/a
F.E.M.A. # No
Color & Odor Pale Yellow clear liquid.
Country of Origin India

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