Frankincense Oil

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Frankincense Oil

The Frankincense oil is also called as gum thus or Olibanum. The resin collected from the Boswellia carteri plant that belongs to the family of Burseraceae is used for extracting the oil. This oil gives a pleasant and peaceful scent that can be described as woody, camphoric and is in pale yellow green shade. The Frankincense oil enjoys a very long and interesting history. It began its journey in the Middle East and bears flowers that are either pink or white in colour. Ancient Egyptians offered the Frankincense to Gods similarly the Hebrews cherish its importance as it was offered as a gift to baby Jesus. Facts state that resin from this plant was the first to be burnt as incense.

Uses -            

·         This oil is a great healer of mind and soul and thus can be best applied while meditating. It helps in soothing the mind, controlling anxieties, regulating breathing.

·         Several skin ailments can be treated with this oil. It works as an effective anti ageing agent, treats wounds and their scars, sores, control skin inflammation etc.

·         It treats several respiratory ailments like asthma, coughs and colds, bronchitis etc.

·         A great element been used in aromatherapies and is used in massages.

·         The Frankincense oil acts as a great antiseptic, sedative, tonic, astringent etc and thus can be applied in many places.

Constituents - One will find several chemical elements in the Frankincense oil like incensole, octyl acetate, a- pinene, linalool, bornyl acetate etc.

Blends with – It blends well with several essential oils like orange, pine, lemon, sandalwood, benzoin, lavender, bergamot etc

Technical Information
Product Code SVA - 131
Botanical Name Boswellia Serreta
Methods of Extraction Steam Distillation Proces
CAS# 8016-36-2
F.E.M.A. # 2816
Color & Odor Pale Yellow-Green in Color & Earthy Scent or Ground Aroma
Country of Origin India

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