Ginger Grass Oil

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Ginger Grass Oil

Botanically referred as Cymbopogan martini-var sofia i.e ginger grass oil is a herbaceous plant with long stems bearing flowers. The fragrant grass of this herb is steam distilled for obtaining the ginger grass oil. This liquid obtained is yellow, brown etc in colour. The aroma it oozes is of distinct lemony flavour with slight pepper tone to it. Studies narrate that the oil extraction of ginger grass plant by steam distillation began long back in the eighteenth century. However it is advised to avoid the usage of this oil during pregnancy, it should not be used in its concentrated form or on sensitive skin type. The ginger grass is a relative to palmarosa and grows up to the height of 9 feet.


·         The most favoured oil for aromatherapy treatments as it stimulates blood circulation, controls stress etc.

·         The perfume based industries makes use of this oil prominently specifically in men colognes etc.

·         Individuals suffering from sinus may use this oil for clearing the sinus passage.

·         This oil also makes way in several soap making as well as cosmetic industries.

·         The skin problems like acne can be treated by using this oil similarly the sore throats, intestinal infections can be effectively cured.

·         One can also make use of this oil in their bath rituals, inhalers, room fresheners etc.

Constituents – the chemical composition present in ginger grass oil contains limonene, geraniol, phellandrene, perillyl alcohol, menthadienols etc.

Blends with - The floral essential oils can be well blended with ginger grass oil like sandalwood, cananga, cedarwood, rosewood, geranium etc.

Technical Information
Product Code SVA - 133
Botanical Name Cymbopogan Martini Var Sofia
Methods of Extraction Steam Distillation Process
CAS# 8023-92-5
F.E.M.A. # -
Color & Odor Pale Yellow to a Darker Amber Color & Sharp, Green Scent with Pepper and Lemon Undertones.
Country of Origin France

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