Ginger Oil

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Ginger Oil

Ginger oil is extracted from the perennial rhizome herb, Ginger, available largely in South Asia, China and South East Asia. It is well known for its pungent smell, due to which many people cannot consume it as food. However, those who are used to can reap in a lot of benefits from this herb, as well as the oil extracted from it. The herb and its oil contain certain essential elements that have very wide therapeutic applications. The oil extracted is pale yellow in colour and has a very strong odour that is unpleasant. It is so strong that it can bring tears to the eyes. The oil density is light and it is free-flowing and not thick in viscosity.

Uses -            

·         Ginger oil is great for curing stomach disorders. It contains certain enzymes that can balance off any problem in our bile secretion from the liver and pancreas. However, too much of it can do it the other way round. Thus, it is used only to touch up certain food items for adding the food value.

·         It is also of great help in case of a chocked throat. Cough and cold can be easily overcome with the help of ginger oil.

·         It can help overcome hangovers after heavy alcohol intake the previous night.

·         It can help in overcoming muscle and joint pains if applied externally.

Constituents – Ginger oil is rich in linalool, zingiberene, geranyl acetate, nerol, a- and b-pinene and camphene.

Blends with – It blends well with neroli, rose, yland-ylang, sandalwood and all citrus based oil compositions.

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Product Code SVA - 135
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Methods of Extraction No
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