Juniper Leaf Oil

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Juniper Leaf Oil

Juniper oil is extracted from the seeds of the plant, although the woods and the bark can also be used for extraction based on variety. The seeds are crushed and finally the oil is obtained by steam distillation. The oil is light yellow in colour and has a specific odour of its own. It is also very fluid and less viscous. The oil has many a usage for which it is also taken internally, besides its wide usages as external agent. It is non-toxic oil, but has some precautions coming with it, like it should not be used during pregnancy. It is also not recommended for people with kidney problems since it has some diuretic properties as well. However, it is often used as a tonic since its micronutrients have a high health value.


·         It is widely used as an anti-septic.

·         It is anti-rheumatic and is used for joint pains.

·         It is antispasmodic.

·         It is also used as an astringent.

·         It has carminative usage as well.

·         It is a depurative and a diuretic too. That is why it is often not frecommended during pregnancy and for those with kidney problems.

·         It is a rubefacient.

·         It is also a stimulant and is widely used for body massaging.

·         It is also a stomachic, a sudorific, a vulnerary and also a tonic sa well.


Its main constituents are a-pinene, camphene, b-pinene, sabinene, myrcene, terpinene, cymene, terpinen-4-ol and bornyl acetate. It also has cayophytllene, limonene, camphor, linalool, borneol and nerol in trace amounts.

Blends with

It blends well with neem oil and others used widely externally and as anti-septics.

Technical Information
Product Code SVA - 206
Botanical Name Juniperus communis
Methods of Extraction Steam Distillation
CAS# 8012-91-7
F.E.M.A. # 2604
Color & Odor Almost colourless to light Yellow & Characteristic fresh rich Balsamic Woody sweet aroma

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