Kapoor Kachri Oil

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Kapoor Kachri Oil

The Kapoor Kachri oil is one of the essential oils and has a tremendous utility for various purposes. The main ingredient of this oil is kapoor and one can get this by the process of steam distillation.  One can get this oil is India and many other eastern countries. The demand of this oil is very much and it is being exported to the different parts of the world. This oil has the medicinal value and has got the hard aroma. One can purchase this oil either in the market stores or online.


  • One of the prime uses of this essential oil is that it is used for the body cure and serves as an effective treatment for the purpose of aromatherapy.
  • One can apply this oil is just few drops in order to cure the headache and various other muscle pains of the body. In India, this oil is used for the various religious rituals.
  • This oil is used for the massages in various massage centers and other centers for the ayurveda treatment.
  • The oil is hard but effective and can be a good cure for the cough and various other treatments against excessive heat or cold.

Blends with

This oil blends with various other essential oils like the camphor oil; rose oil etc in order to create an effective aroma that suits the body and mind. The blend aroma lasts for long.


Kapoor is one of the main constituents of this oil.

Technical Information
Product Code SVA - 507
Botanical Name Hedichium spicatium
Solubility Insoluble in Water, Soluble in Oils
Methods of Extraction Steam distillation
CAS# 93455-95-9
F.E.M.A. # N.A
Color & Odor Olive Brown to Olive Green & odour is Campherren type with a distinct woody-warm note.
Country of Origin India
Refractive Index 1.4940 To 1.4952
Specific Gravity 0.955 To 0.975

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