Palmarosa Oil

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Palmarosa Oil

Palmarosa Oil has a light aroma like rose flower. It is very effectual vigorous ingredient in skin care products. The usual outcome of this oil is to hydrate the skin and augment its suppleness. It is very efficient to make skin normal from dry skin. The active ingredients this oil treats dry skin problems as well as acne and pimples. This oil has beneficial ingredients that are beneficial to balancing the production of skin sebum (oil) and at the same time kindles renewal of skin cells. Palmarosa oil is extracted from Cymbopogon martini that belongs from the Gramineae family. It is also recognized as East Indian, Turkish geranium, Indian rosha and motia. This essential oil is very useful for skin related problems so it is commonly used in the aromatherapy, as it has outstanding skin care properties. It is used to relieve stiff, sore muscles and calming the mind. It is believed that this oil is capable to uplifting and bracing the spirits and clearing tangled thinking.


·         Palmarosa oil can assist clear up infections and avert scar by added it into the water and used to wash the wound.

·         It is also used in creams and lotions as it has moisturizing and hydrating effect on the skin that is helpful to fight wrinkles.

·         It balances the natural secretion of sebum that keeps the skin lithe and elastic.

Blends with:-

Palmarosa oil essential oils blend well with geranium, bergamot, rosemary, lime and ylang-ylang.

Constituents: -

The main chemical components of dipentene, palmarosa oil, myrcene, geraniol, geranyl acetate, linalool and limonene.

Technical Information
Product Code SVA - 169
Botanical Name Cymbopogon Martini
Methods of Extraction Steam Distillation Process
CAS# 8014-19-5
F.E.M.A. # -
Color & Odor Pale Yellow Liquid & Sweet Geranium like Odor
Country of Origin India

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