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Rose Oil Indian

Rose Oil is obtained from the flower of rose plant that is essentially grown in India. The Indian roses are full of nutrients that they obtain naturally from the soil. Besides the aroma, they also impart many other health benefits. The rose oil is a yellowish liquid that can have a light brown tinge after purification and refinement. The viscosity is low and it is partly soluble in water. It has a great aroma that helps in overcoming many health problems. The other nutrients in it are easily soluble through the skin so that the application of the oil on skin is facilitated. Many small and big problems like headache and fatigue can be countered using this oil regularly. The aroma helps it in being a useful component for aromatherapy and massage parlors, besides being anti-biotic and anti-bacterial.


·         It is widely used for curing headache.

·         It is extremely good for curing migraine problems.

·         It helps to calm down nervous tension and depression.

·         It is great to reduce anger and stress.

·         It is extremely helpful in curing asthma and allergies.

·         Its aroma makes it a useful component for cosmetic and beauty products.

·         It is widely used for curing stress related diseases through aromatherapy.


Besides others, it has a high dose of linalool in it. The aroma comes from the volatile components in it that as great nutrient value.

Blends With

It blends well with various oils that are applicable externally, like mastic oil, manorda oil and labdanum oil.


Technical Information
Product Code SVA - 192
Botanical Name Rosa Damascena
Methods of Extraction Steam Distillation Method
CAS# 8007-01-0
F.E.M.A. # No
Color & Odor Natural Pale Yellow Colour
Country of Origin India

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