Rosewood Oil

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Rosewood Oil

The root source from which Rosewood is obtained is popular as Aniba rosaeodora and it branches itself from the family of Lauraceae. One will observe that the plant grows up to a height of about 125 ft. The tree bears yellow coloured flowers and possesses reddish coloured bark. The wood chippings are collected and exposed to steam distillation process in order to extract the rosewood oil which oozes a floral aroma with a distinct spicy hint. The plant of Rosewood is however undergoing through tough times owing to massive harvesting. In order to correct the scenario efforts are made for planting more of Aniba Rosaeodora and extract the oil via its leaves rather than its wood.


·         Owing to the oils analgesic properties it can be applied for curing toothaches, headaches, muscle or joint pains etc.

·         It is highly applied in the field of aromatherapy.  The oil holds the power to combat depression, stress etc in an effective manner.

·         One can experience a good grasping memory with the help of the Rosewood oil.

·         Owing to it pleasant and floral aroma it is made use of in industries manufacturing deodorants or other essence products.

·         Keeping away insects like mosquitoes, ants, bed bugs can be easily achieved by using Rosewood oil.

·         Retain a healthy looking skin by treating acne, wrinkles etc by applying Rosewood oil.

Constituents – One will find several chemical elements present in Rosewood oil like limonene, geraniol, a-pinene, neral etc.

Blends with – Essential oils of floral or citrus nature can be effectively blended with Rosewood Oil. 

Technical Information
Product Code SVA - 191
Botanical Name Aniba rosaeodora
Methods of Extraction Steam Distillation
CAS# 8015-77-8
F.E.M.A. # No
Color & Odor Colorless to pale yellow @22°C with Characteristic and sweet odor
Country of Origin Brazil

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