Spikenard oil

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Spikenard oil

The spikenard oil holds importance in the three civilizations and cultures and these are Egyptian, Indian and Hebrew. This is also termed as ritualistic oil and is also called as the nard. The oil actually comes from the family of valerian and is also referred as the Indian valerian. This oil is also referred as Jatamanasi and it is among the finest tonics when the person is in the anxious mode. The fact is if the valerian oil is totally pure, it is quite expensive but it bit diluted with spikenard to make the price range less. The fact is that spikenard is among the most revered plants in India and the oil has been used to make perfumes since the past. It is said that by using this oil certain chakras are opened.

Uses of the oil

1] The oil is used for the ritualistic purposes.

2] The oil is used to treat insomnia, nervous tension as well as the anxiety.

3] The oil is used to treat the nervous system and heart conditions.

4] The oil is good for the digestive action as well as a treatment for colic as well as constipation.

5] The oil is used in the medicinal herbs, perfumes and for skin treatments.

6] The oil of spikenard is used in making the shampoo for the pets.

Blends with

The oil blends easily with the essential oil that are used for making perfumes like rose oil etc.


Jatamanasi is one of the constituents. 

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