Sweet Basil Oil

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Sweet Basil Oil

Basil is from the mint family and it is considered one of the most gifted of all natural herbal products available. In some households, it is treated a sacred herb and is kept inside or outside the room as well. It has many uses that are good for the general health and also is helpful in curing many of the regular diseases. It is obtained from mainly the leaves of the plant, but sometimes the fruits are also used. The oil is extracted by simple steam distillation. It is clear coloured oil that has very low viscosity and is free flowing. It is used externally as well as internally, and is often mixed with other natural oils for better results.


·         It is used widely as an anti-septic.

·         It is a good oil for stomach upsets and digestive disorders.

·         It has a faint odour and a strong taste. It is thus widely used for culinary purposes. It is more commonly used as toppings on various delicacies and dishes. Especially the oil rich dishes are topped with sweet basil oil so as to make them get digested easily. It is also used as a favourite topping on salads.

·         It has anti-rheumatic properties and is used widely for joint pains.


It is rich in natural constituents like citronellol, linalyl acetate, ocimene, eugenol, chavicol, caryophyllene and terpineol. It is also rich in myrcene, pinene, cineole and linalool.

Blends with

It is often blended with oils for cooking as well as those used as salad toppings. It is also mixed with other pain relieving oils to reduce joint pains.

Technical Information
Product Code SVA - 208
Botanical Name Ocimum Basilicum
Methods of Extraction Steam Distilled
CAS# 8015-73-4
F.E.M.A. # -
Color & Odor Pale Yellow to Yellow with Typical odour of Chavicol. Clear fluid liquid.
Country of Origin India

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