Thyme oil

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Thyme oil

Thyme oil is produced using Thymus vulgaris that is also known as Thymus aestivus, T. Velantianus and T. ilerdensis. It belongs to the family of Labiatae family that is popular as red thyme. This shrub has reddish brown color and herbal, sweet smell. This plant grows to 45 cm in height with elliptical shaped greenish perfumed leaves and holds white or pale purple colored flowers. This unique thyme oil is extracted from fresh plant leaves and flowers using best stream or water distillation method.


·            It is used as best antiseptic for treatment of sores and wounds.

·            This oil has antibacterial properties and helps to keep away or kill becteria from organs in body.

·            Used as antispasmodic and cerminative, that helps to remove gas related problems like stomach ache, vomiting, headache etc.

·            It is helpful to remove all ugly spors, scars, acne marks, stretch marks and other skin problems.

·            It helps to prevent human body from bed bugs, mosquitoes, flies, lice and other insects.

·            This fragrant oil is a better choice to raise immune system and cure infections occurs due to cold.

·            Thyme oil helps to increase strength of nerves, memory, concentration and also useful to remove depression from your life.

Constituents- The major constituents of thyme oil are thymol, camphene, carvacrol, linalool, alpha- pinene, borneol, b-pinene, para- cymene etc.

Blends with- The oil of thyme can be blended with different essential oils as lemon, pine, bergamot, lavender, grapefruit and rosemary.

Technical Information
Product Code SVA - 213
Botanical Name Thymus Vulgaris
Methods of Extraction Steam distillation
CAS# 8007-46-3
F.E.M.A. # -
Color & Odor Very light Yellow color & Warm, Spicy, Pungent and typical odour of Thyme

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