Lavender Oil France

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Lavender Oil France

It is also known as Lavandula angustifolia and origin is from France. Lavender oil belongs to a mint intimate and is a genre of 39 species of flowering plant. This species are simple and cultivated easily. It has flower and a leaf on the plant. Lavender plant grows from 18inchees to 2 feet high. It is the most complex of all the essential oils and mostly grown in the gardens. The container of the Lavender should be kept tight to avoid the rapid evaporation. Its plant is place in a sunny day and should have well drained soil which helps in the production of it. It is extracted by the process of steam distillation and it is the popular essential oil. A perpetual, bushy shrub with silvery-grey or green linear leaves and purple flowers, it is produced in France on the slopes of Mont Blanc. 



·         It is mostly used for nervousness and depression.

·         It is best for aromatherapy.

·         Lavender oil is also apply on the skin where there is a hair loss (to recover the hairs).

·         It is the best option for food to give the various flavors.

·         It helps in menstruation cycle.

·         Lavender is also used in pharmaceutical products for fragrance in soaps, cosmetics, perfumes and many more.


Constituents- Lavender oil linalool (51%) and linalyl acetate (35%). Other components such as  α-pinene, limonene, 1,8-cineole, cis- and trans-ocimene, 3-octanone, camphor, caryophyllene, terpinen-4-ol and lavendulyl acetate.


Blends with- Lavender can be blended with any essential oil effectively to boost the scent of a blend or to enhance the therapeutic properties.

Technical Information
Product Code SVA - 218
Botanical Name Lavandula dentate
Methods of Extraction Steam distillation
CAS# 8000-28-0
F.E.M.A. # -
Color & Odor Colorless to pale yellow liquid & Characteristic odor
Country of Origin France

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