Sandalwood Oil Mysore

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Sandalwood Oil Mysore

The sandalwood oil Mysore is most popular owing to its fragrance that is rich as well as effective in calming one from within. In ancient times it was made use of in almost every ritual related to spiritual or religious importance. Similarly, it was also included in several medicines then owing to its therapeutic properties. The Sandalwood tree is also scientifically referred to as Santalum album that finds its roots in the family of Santalaceae. However, it also is popular by many other names like sandal, Mysore Sandalwood, Chandan, Mandarin, the white sandalwood. The white sandalwood is found in Mysore, one of the States in India lying on its eastern parts. This particular variety of sandalwood is considered to be of high value owing to its rich properties. It favors the dry climate amongst the rocky environment for flourishing. Being of parasitic nature, it grows amongst the roots of other trees and dwell on them for its own needs of nutrients.

Uses –

·         Many industries demand the sandalwood oil Mysore on a large scale.

·         Sandalwood oil Mysore is also popular in aromatherapy treatments and massages.

·         Lotions and creams making use of this oil help in treating dry, chapped or inflamed skin by hydrating and moisturizing it. Such treatment helps in retaining a youthful skin.

·         Gargle liquids prepared with this oil help in curing sore throats.

·         One will find an effective solution by making use of sandalwood oil for nervous conditions like stress, anxiety, depression etc.

Constituents – Many chemical elements participate in making of the sandalwood oil like Santyl acetate, b santalol, santalenes etc.

Blends with – It blends well with Bergamot, geranium etc.

Technical Information
Product Code SVA - 182
Botanical Name Santalum Album
Methods of Extraction Steam Distilled
CAS# 8006-87-9
F.E.M.A. # -
Color & Odor Yellowish Think Liquid with Woody Smell
Country of Origin India

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