Mitti Attar

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Mitti Attar

Mitti Attar contains the refreshing fragrance of the wet earth. It has soothing, mellow fragrance invokes a spirit of regeneration. Mitti attar or fullers earth is extracted from the herb by the process of Hydro-distillation. Mitti Attar consists of the essence of clean baked earth and Indian white sandalwood essential oil. It is supposed that this perfume oil has got dissimilar therapeutic and medicinal properties as it is very supportive in making the skin supple, soft and smooth. During Mughal period in India, it was flourished and later on taken on to the various parts of the world. Its color is Dark brown and yellowish liquid. On the other hand its aroma is nurturing, softly sweet and soothing.


·         The Mitti Attar is used as a blend in the perfumery industry.

·         It has also been famous as skincare element that moisture the skin and return its glow.

·         It reduces extra oil and greasiness from the skin and making it glowing and supple. 

·         It helps in rejuvenating the nervous system through its peace giving and calming effects.

·         Women use this attar oil to decrease the severe menstrual pain and it is also helps in curing sore throat.

·         To have a soothing and calming effect on mind and body this attar is used without keeping any second thoughts.

Blends with

Mitti Attar is easily blends with all other attars like sandalwood floral water.


Its major constituents are essence of clean baked earth, Indian White Sandalwood essential oil.

Technical Information
Product Code SVA -158
Botanical Name Santalum Album
Methods of Extraction Steam Distillation Process
CAS# 84787-70-2
F.E.M.A. # 3005
Color & Odor Pure Gold in Color & Nurturing, Softly Sweet and Soothing Smell
Country of Origin India

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