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DIY Essential Oil Blends


Essential Oils have surely changed our lives for good. With the aroma, the beauty and the health benefits, one cannot stop using essential oils once included in the lifestyle. I find my oils to be my personal therapist that uplifts both my skin and my mood whenever I want to. Yet no matter how much variety of the oils I have, being a creative person I feel like adding a personal touch to it. So, I turn to my Essential oils blends depending upon my mood and purpose, which I prepared myself after I became a loyal user of the essential oils. So I would like to share some of the DIY Essential Oil Blends which are super easy to use but will create a lot more difference to your life.


So, if you are new to the enchanting world of aroma and oils, no problem! It won’t take time to be covered in its love. If you are already reading this, well I’m super excited to share my DIY blend recipes with you. Let me tell the newcomers, what exactly a blend is and how it is more effective than normal essential oil.

As it is obvious that a blend is made by adding two or more essential oils together, but the thing is..Which oils and how much? There are thousands of essential oils in the world and each have their own unique properties, how can we decide which we want. Well..honestly you’ve gotta explore!!

There are some tips for making the initial purchases for your oils:

  • Start with the common oils that you generally hear people using. These are popular for a reason. Each drop of an essential oil is derived from a large quantity of the plant, thus it is highly concentrated. You should start with the safest of oils and mild ones after researching and reading the reviews of others. A totally alien oil may leave you clueless both in terms of its properties and aroma.!!
  • Always make sure that you have a Carrier oil at home before an essential oil. As stated above essential oils are highly concentrated and cannot be used without dilution in a suitable carrier oil. Carrier oils include Almond oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, argan oil, etc.
  • Never buy oils from unauthentic sources. Always prefer trusted brands and even if you want to try new because that pretty friend of yours recommended, ask for specifications or certificate. If you are going to use oil for topical purposes, the purest of product should be allowed to go deep into your skin and not cheaper fake oil. Sva naturals is a trusted and verified brand and my absolute favourite. HBNO is also a very reputed brand. So you may buy from here.
  • A patch test on hand before actual application is always recommended before the use to see how the skin is reacting to it. The test should also be with the diluted oil.

After you’ve got the oils, bring clarity on how do you want to use it. Though the thing is, it can be used anywhere!! My mom uses Rosemary Oil and Argan Oil blend for her head massage and my friend uses Lavender Oil- Clary sage Oil blend in her YOGA studio. A cousin of mine prefers Sandalwood Oil and Frankincense Oil blend in his office diffuser. My niece makes amazing fragrant candles using different blends of her own. All purchased from SVA Organics, we really don’t want to switch to other brand.

So there are hundreds of ways to use these oils. And the best way is YOURS. Yes, you heard me right! Because whatever purpose they solve, they are therapeutic and safe to use. With everything adulterated around us, these are still keeping us closer to nature and pure oils are absolute magic

So here are my few blends which I have been using for some time now and it’s working really well.


  • Gloves
    Since the essential oils are highly concentrated, they are better off the skin before dilution!
  • Droppers or Glass pipets
    To easily pour and to avoid the unnecessary spill or mixing of oils, get few droppers of glass pipets preferably separate for each oil.
  • Glass bottles, containers or cups
    In size from 1 oz to 8 oz, get few glass containers for mixing of oils and storage as well. Try to avoid plastic containers as the oils may react so we prefer glass.
  • Blotting Paper or Cotton Balls
    We might have a steady hand but, spills happen and we don’t really like stains.
  • Notepad
    You may wanna write your own amazing blends too. So before they vanish from your mind, just write them down.



Yes, I’m mentioning hair before skin because I’ve got really long hair which is very difficult to handle but I love them and I have really witnessed changes after I included essential oils in my hair care regime!! The hair fall rate reduced significantly, the hair is smoother and shinier than before and my man loves scented the hair a win-win situation! A no. of hair blends that you may like according to your aroma preferences:


A must for all dear sensitive skins out there who become as dull as mine when they step out even for half an hour. All that sebum and oil on the face is just so annoying and acne hurts, ouch! Also my skin is a little sensitive so I’m suggesting some safe blends that you may use any time:

  • 1/2 tbsp of VIRGIN COCONUT OIL


I have suggested this to many people and they are just so sorted now. The creams just aren’t enough especially during the winter season and dry skin is a real people. Don’t worry and give a try to any of these:



Spa sessions have become very interesting by the look they give me when I say I’ve got my own blend!! My brands and oils are so trusted that I only pay for the massage and come home all relaxed and relieved from the never ending work load. Also , my frequent blends for a weekend long bath. My go-to Aromatherapy massage and bath blends are :

  • Stress reliever
  • Mental Fatigue
  • Rejuvenation Massage


This is my favourite part. I love how any aroma can change the mood instanstly and how much impact it can create on the personality. Being a creative person, aroma blends is more of an art for me which helps me work better. And I’ve got few blends handy for different situations and environments which I add to the diffuser:

  • Recipe blend for Better and Deep sleep
  • Recipe blend for Energy
  • Recipe blend for cold and cough
  • Recipe blend for Office
  • Recipe blend for Insect- repellent

These are few Essential oil blend recipes that I religiously follow and witness amazing changes. A beautiful fragrance is equal to a happy mood. Essential oils are like individual colors which have their own quality but blends is like a painting. It makes sense and creates beauty when used and made the right way. My absolute favourite brand is SVA ORGANICS who manufactures, supply and export the oils worldwide in all kinds of quantities. I have purchased a number of oils from SVA ORGANICS and they are all worth it.

SVA ORGANICS is a trusted and well-reputed brand. Essential oil organic manufacturers and Essential oil exporters who stand by the values of purity and welfare of human health. They are Essential oil organic supplier and deal in Essential oil bulk and wholesale too.Their customers all over the globe love their Essential oils and we wish it reaches all the nature lovers out there.

So research, try and use the blends for your purpose and share your experience with me. Blend with the Essential oil blends!!!