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Keep your Food Healthy and Protected with Natural Essential Oil Edible Films

Keep your Food Healthy and Protected with Natural Essential Oil Edible Films

Natural essential oil is the best food preservative, which keeps your food fresh and healthy for a long period of time. The plastic food packaging cover is made with toxic chemicals, which may cause severe health issues. This plastic includes plasticizers, phthalates and other hormone-disrupting compounds which cannot be seen with naked eyes but can cause adverse effects. Chemicals can get into the food wrapped with plastic, metal, paper or glass containers.

Using edible films can control moisture and vapors, extend the life and quality of food. Edible films are in great demand because of its biodegradable and environment-friendly features. An ideal food packaging material would be characterized by low water vapor and high mechanical strength properties. Essential oils edible films keep the food water-resistant and fresh for long hours.

Preserving Bread for Longer Periods of Time

Bread is a common staple around the world and needs to remain fresh for a long time duration. The edible film is covered with essential oils of clove and oregano which keeps the bread fresh for a long period of time other than conventional plastic. USDA certified essential oils is the best way to keep packaged food away from spoiling, which can prevent bacteria and mold to enter. If you will place some bread slices in a plastic bag and cover some slices of bread with essential oil-infused edible films. You will notice that essential oil will continue to slow mold growth. As compared to calcium propionate and plastic, the essential oil sheets maintained the bread's freshness for longer and did not disappear like conventional preservatives.

Natural essential oils reduce the count of yeasts and molds in sliced bread. They are superior to plastic and chemicals, works better than calcium propionate. The biopolymers in essential oil food packaging wrapper make it eco-friendly and do not cause any environmental problems. You can easily pack the eatables like fresh fruits, vegetables, poultry and fish products, oil-fried products, bakery, and dairy products with essential oil edible film which will remain healthy for long hours.


Use the natural food packaging wrapper and increase the shelf life of food products. These coatings and films have the ability to carry food ingredients and improve the mechanical properties of the food. Get this edible film made from essential oils at SVA Organics – leading manufacturers of USDA Organic certified essential oils.