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Lavender Oil


A flower that was impressive enough to give a colour its name? LAVENDER (Lavandula)- Beautiful name, gorgeous flowers and even better qualities!! There are no people who don’t fall in love with this intense blue- purple magnificent flower. It captures hearts with its beauty and aroma and keep them safe with its therapeutic properties. For a person like me, it is impossible to find my dressing shelf without a bottle of Lavender Essential Oil and Almond oil to go with it. It’s in my bag, in my car and many other little corners of my house because of its benefits that we’ll discuss ahead in this appreciation blog for Lavender Oil, which according to me is well-deserved!!

It is said that lavender was discovered by the French chemist and scholar René-Maurice Gattefossé in 1910 when he accidentally put his burnt hand in a tub of lavender essential oil and found out that how effective was the oil in improving his skin’s condition. Well, I’m sorry for the burn but I’m kinda thankful for the discovery. A little selfish of me I guess..!! Oh don’t pretend like you aren’t happy with it. Anyway.. it was found and then studied and experimented on various conditions. People who were using it just for the aroma now realized that there is much more behind the curtains and it is worth investing in. From that day, Lavender never looked back and is still a Hero- loved and admired by all. It is being used in the form of oils, extracts and even raw flowers because of its multi-purpose approach.



Though fragrances are hard to put into words and something as delicate as Lavender when described, it could never be complete for one needs to experience its aroma and allow it to reach the senses to know the real lavender. Yet, Lavender Oil has a rich floral scent that is somewhat fruitier, mellower and less camphoraceous. It has a therapeutic scent that is ultra soothing. It is earthy and floral with balsamic undertones, and creates a relaxing impact on the mind when inhaled. Delicate yet strong, it is unique in its own way.


Lavender Essential Oil is not just some oil carrying a purple label and some lavender like aroma. An essential oil is true only when it is carrying the whole essence of the flower, carrying the aromatic and therapeutic molecules in the extraction process. For Example, SVA ORGANICS LAVENDER BULGARI ESSENTIAL OIL is extracted by the Steam Distillation method of special Bulgaria Lavender flowers (Lavandula angustifolia) and makes sure that the oil retains each and every quality of the flower in a concentrated and pure form.



  • Lavender Oil is anti-inflammatory and anti- bacterial in nature. Our skins are exposed to so many bacteria outside and fight every day just to retain that shine and cleanliness but somehow the efforts aren’t enough and it falls prey to those microbial attacks. Lavender Oil not only heals the affected skin but also acts as a shield and prevents acne and bacteria from growing on the skin surface.
  • When those hormones are nasty, blemishes and skin discoloration can be a serious issue. And we’ve got life beyond makeup as well so instead of hiding it, why not cure it? Lavender Oil can be a saviour for your ‘’Damsel in Distress’’ skin and can fight those dark spots and blemishes by penetrating deeper into the skin layers. Also other skin conditions such as burns, stretch marks, bruises and cuts that never fade away shall be healed by few drops of natural lavender essential oil.
  • lavender oil is recently being discovered as a hair growth stimulant as well. It may aid in problems like pattern baldness and alopecia. In general also, for better hair growth, lavender oil deserves a chance for it increases the blood circulation and its anti-bacterial and soothing property keeps the lice and dandruff both far away from that beautiful hair of yours.


  • The most important quality of Lavender Oil maybe is its calming effect on the brain. The entire world swears on Lavender essential oil when people ask for the natural solutions for insomnia, stress, anxiety and other depression issues. Lavender Oil by its aroma is known to instantly relax the brain and instil a sense of calmness and peacefulness when inhaled.
  • Lavender Essential oil when massaged is also known to increase the blood circulation. It is also somehow related to the Third Eye Chakra because of its stimulating properties, strong color similarity and an aroma that transcends. Thus, an absolute favourite when it comes to healing, meditation and aromatherapy. Always my first choice for meditation!!
  • It is also known to relieve body aches and pains and people love to infuse it with their pain-relieving oils. The lavender oil aroma h is said to help the nervous system slow down the signal of pain and thus relieving it eventually.


Dark circles, spots and wrinkles:

  • "I'm satisfied with my skin"- Said no one ever! Keeping the skin healthy is an ongoing process but for the results worth effort, include Lavender Essential Oil in your beauty regime. Add few drops in your daily moisturiser, lotions and hand creams for a better and smoother skin texture.
  • Massage the oil on the dark spots, wrinkles and dark circles in circular motion before going to bed. You’ll see visible results in a week itself.

Bugs, Insects and Bacteria:

  • There is something about the Lavender Oil aroma that the insects and bugs don’t really like and that’s a win for us. Add 5-6 drops of lavender essential oil on a cotton pad and hang it in a small net pocket or cloth near your windows or any peaking corners for your house to keep the annoying creatures at bay.
  • You can also hang the little pockets in your closets, bathrooms and store rooms for a beautiful aroma in your clothes and damp areas which will also keep them clean by preventing any microbial growth.

Hair and scalp care:

  • Hair problems are rather common yet we find them embarrassing. No we don’t like creatures crawling on hair or an unseasonal snowfall from the head. Massage your scalp twice a week with lavender essential oil diluted in any carrier oil to get rid of dandruff and lice completely. Also the increased blood circulation will stimulate hair growth and relieve from the stress.

Mental health and Meditation:

  • Add few drops of lavender essential oil in the Diffuser and light it when sitting in meditation, or while reading your favourite book which transport you to another world or simply when you want to have a relaxed and deep sleep after a long, tiring day at office. I dreamt lucidly in that aroma. Pretty amazing experience I tell you!!
  • Simply, take 2-3 drops in your palm and rub it gently inside your pillow case for an amazingly relaxed sleep. Also, just inhale the fragrance twice or thrice on a stressful day. It will help a lot in retaining your cool and will stop you from actually punching the other person.

Lavender is a beautiful herb in all aspects and the single drop of its essential oil carry the qualities of hundreds of lavender flowers. SVA ORGANICS LAVENDER BULGARIA ESSENTIAL OIL serves you the finest and purest essence of lavender.

SVA ORGANICS is a bulk manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Lavender essential oil and the oil has been a delight since a long for all the consumers around the globe. USDA approved SVA LAVENDER ESSENTIAL ORGANIC OIL is a promising product for our happy customers all over the world. It is 100% natural and organic for we believe in the purity and trade both.

SVA ORGANICS is a trusted and well-reputed brand. Lavender oil organic manufacturers and Lavender oil exporters who stand by the values of purity and welfare of human health. We are Lavender oil organic supplier and deal in Lavender oil bulk and wholesale too. Our customers all over the globe love our Lavender oil and we wish it reaches all the nature lovers out there..

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