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Benefits of Manuka Essential Oil for a Healthy Life


Manuka essential oil hails from New Zealand and its benefits are observed worldwide. Both the leaves and flowers of manuka are strongly scented and they both are harvested for their oil. The oil of manuka is created through steam distillation of the branches' ends, leaves, and twigs. This miraculous oil when extracted is clear to pale yellow in colour.
Manuka Oil is not only used as an essential oil, it is also a hero ingredient in many skincare products. It is an ideal combination of fragrance and healing qualities. Aromatically, manuka essential oil is earthy, fresh and pleasant. This multipurpose oil benefits in living a healthy lifestyle in various ways as mentioned below:

Benefits of Manuka oil:


Manuka oil helps in maintaining the moisture and oil balance of the scalp. It stops the degeneration of the scalp skin and also fights any kind of infection occurring on the scalp. You can access the benefits of Manuka oil by mixing it with the bathing water or massage it on your head, blended with some other oil.

Insect Bite and Sting Antidote

Manuka oil has anti-histaminic properties, which helps in reducing pain and swelling caused by insect bites or a venomous sting. So, next time if you go throw any such thing, don’t forget to apply Manuka Oil.


The anti-bacterial property of this oil inhibits the bacterial growth and bacterial attacks in the body, such as infections in the colon, respiratory tracts, oral pathogens, urinary system and other vulnerable areas.


Our body usually suffers from hyper reactions caused by dust, cats, pollens etc. Manuka oil with anti-allergenic properties helps to sedate and calm these reactions by giving relief.


People suffering with depression, anxiety, nervous afflictions, stress, anger and other disturbances, can use essential oil of manuka for relaxation. This oil is also good for hypertensive people with high blood pressure.


The oil of manuka is equally effective on fungal infections such as running ears, athletes foot and other infections. A drop or two of Manuka essential oil helps to eliminate or heal the infections quickly.