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Manuka Essential Oil


Ever played Hopscotch! One of the most loved games during childhood, not only as a child I remember playing it recently in Lockdown when I spent most of my time reviving the good old memories of my childhood, but wait not only good the bad one too. The bad I got knee, and shin injury, and my mother handed me a homemade-balm of Manuka Essential Oil, Weird flex but okay.

How many times you ended up using a conventional ointment to heal your wounds and that smell, Ahh! Man, I can't tolerate that smell, please make some space, for Manuka Essential Oil in your cupboard, because after reading this you're surely getting one for yourself.

It was in 1768 when Captain Cook while sailing into Mercury Bay, his crew got affected with scurvy and infection, to find freshwater for them he came near the shore, where he was greeted by local Maori people of New Zealand. The tribal people offered him the medicinal decoction of boiled, Manuka oil Leaves, which is well known for its healing effect and herbaceous aroma. Leptospermum Scoparium is the botanical name of the Manuka Tree, is being treasured by Maori People. Captain got the fortune in his hands.


Manuka Oil resembles Tea tree oil, which is a part of the same family the only difference lies in being grown. The former is indigenous to New Zealand while the latter is a native to Australia. Although corresponding to Tea Tree Oil it differs in the composition, origin, and sources.

Manuka Trees are planted in the full coastal areas and they don’t tolerate the shade but grow well in wet soil.

Naturally being small and white in colour, home gardeners have added colour to them like pink and red by the varieties bred.

These are the fast-growing shrubs found ubiquitously in NEW ZEALAND that yield Manuka Essential Oil.

Manuka leaves are easy to grow and serve multi-purpose. Hence, people all over the world find it appropriate to include it in their different beauty and health regimes.

Be selective while growing these shrubs because they can restrain their enemy plants to grow. Find a better match with them that go hand in hand. The plant also helps in keeping away the disease and pests.


To get Manuka Essential Oil, the tree leaves of Leptospermum Scoparium also known as Manuka is picked and steam distilled to get the oil. Manuka Oil is the purest concentration of manuka leaves, so one needs to dilute it before use.


What is the last resort for your body concerns like sore muscles, pigmentation, inflammation, injuries, etc.? A Chemist shop isn’t it? But wait let me shorten the distance by helping you out, getting your remedy right at your house. Manuka Essential Oil is going to be the one. In your day to day life, you come across so many problems like zits, skin pigmentation, red patches, insect bites, joint aches, pet care, minor wounds, and scrapes which you could treat by yourself at your home with SVA Organics Manuka Essential Oil.

Manuka Oil - A spicy, fresh, and herbaceous aromatic oil that blends well with most of the oils is best known for its healing properties and to combat many of the skin-related issues. Manuka Oil is more like my best-friend which always holds my back. Being skeptical at first, I was a little hesitant to use it, but in my first bottle only I understood what have I been missing onto. I can’t even think of starting my day without its refreshingly sweet aroma.


Since a long, Manuka essential oil is famous for being used as preventative and healing wounds, but Manuka Oil is a great addition in many other places of your house and a must-have a product to be included in your daily regime. Need help with problematic, hair fall, aromatherapy, bathroom cracks, or any other issue. Manuka is a complete package in itself.

MANUKA ESSENTIAL OIL study has shown that it is 30 times more powerful and effective anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-oxidant activity than a tea tree oil. So you may opt for SVA ORGANICS MANUKA ESSENTIAL OIL for your next purchase if you want more effectiveness than tea tree oil. They are pure manuka oil suppliers worldwide and also deal in manuka oil bulk.

  • Laundry and hygiene: The anti-bacterial and antimicrobial properties, make it a suitable fit for your bathroom cabinet. It can be used as a laundry disinfectant in killing bacteria and maintaining hygiene. It is super easy to use and equally effective!
  • SKINCARE: Well, we all take care of our skin with utmost care so as to avoid any unwanted guests on our skin especially face. Manuka Oil is a true savior from acne, spot treatment, blemishes, skin pigmentation, etc. Wrap yourself with the benefits of Manuka Oil.
  • PET CARE: Not only humans can reap the benefits of Manuka Essential Oil, but your pets may like it too. Few drops of Manuka Essential oil can do the magic for taking care of your furball!
  • FUNGAL INFECTIONS: Manuka Essential Oil is best known for its antifungal properties and helps in taking care of everything from tip to toe, it sounds more like a “Magic Tonic” irrespective of being a frequently used Essential Oil. It prevents the growth of fungus on skin or nails and helps in eradicating it if any.
  • RELIEVE PAIN AND HEAL WOUNDS: For a long time,  Manuka Essential Oil is widely used for healing wounds, sores, infection, pain, body aches, etc. It is an effective and natural remedy that is relatively safer.
  • HAIR CARE: Don’t let your hair fall be a reason for losing charm, Manuka Essential Oil helps in regenerating the growth of your hair scalp, from tip to the root, and provide them the lustrous shine.


    • SKINCARE: I know most of us are always concerned for blemishes, eczema, cracked and blistered skin, and no matter how much makeup we apply to hide, isn’t it better if we just get rather rid of it? Few drops SVA Organics Manuka Essential Oil added to a pure carrier oil can do wonders if applied regularly and in a proper manner. Simply, add 2-3 drops of Manuka oil small amount of virgin coconut oil and apply in circular motions of the effective area every day before going to bed. In a week or two, you may witness noticeable changes in the appearance of your skin for obviously better. MANUKA ESSENTIAL OIL works best to retaliate all types of skin concerns.
    • ATHLETE’S FOOT & TOENAIL FUNGUS: The former is a fungus commonly found in those who wear very tight-fitting shoes or have heavy sweating in feet. Whereas toenail fungus is quite common and found in approximately 20% of the population. Applying a few drops of SVA Organics MANUKA ESSENTIAL OIL diluted in a suitable carrier oil can significantly help improve such conditions. After cleaning the area properly, apply the diluted oil at least twice a day, and keep the feet uncovered. Regular use of oil can help in reducing the existing fungus and prevents the growth of further.
    • PET CARE: We all love our pets and want them to pamper the best way possible. But it is such a common sight of them itching and catching various parasites. Manuka Essential oil can be a serious consideration for your pet care regime. SVA Organics Manuka Essential Oil is anti-bacterial in nature and so many people worldwide use it for keeping their pet’s skin clean and free of creatures. It is a definitely promising product in pet care. Simply add a few drops of it to your dog wash or lotion and see the difference yourself.
    • SOOTHE DRY SCALP: Bad hair and itchy scalp can be a big turn off. Hair which lacks shine, volumizing boost, has red patches, eczema, dandruff, and being kept dehydrated for a long time not only requires constant care but the right treatment too. Manuka oil is believed to give deep nourishment to your hair and keep the follicles tightened and healthy for healthy hair growth. SVA ORGANICS MANUKA ESSENTIAL OIL is a trusted product that conditions the hair with the utmost care and helps in restoring both lustre and strength to your hair.

  • LAUNDRY AND CARPET DEODORIZER: Adding few drops of SVA ORGANICS MANUKA ESSENTIAL OIL to your detergent or cleaning solutions keep your clothes even cleaner and germ-free because of its anti-bacterial properties. And the aroma of Manuka will make sure that you have sweet refreshing fragrance on you all day long.

MANUKA ESSENTIAL OIL is definitely a must-have. Its multi-purpose approach will make you fond of it. SVA ORGANICS is a trusted and well-reputed brand. Manuka oil manufacturers and manuka oil exporters who stand by the values of purity and welfare of human health.