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Peppermint Essential Oil


The cooling sensation that we’re all fond of when we use our favourite Mint body wash, or when a fine glass of Mojito makes our day under the sun, just leaves us speechless isn’t it? This cooling and refreshing quality which is the most popular and infused in our day to day products with such ease, owes it all to the mint family.

The most popular one being PEPPERMINT (Mentha Piperita). It is a hybrid between Watermint and Spearmint and the balance in its components makes it the best and safer to use in a vast variety of products.

Peppermint is indigenous to Europe and the Middle East, and finds itself mentioned in the history and mythology of Ancient Rome, Greece and Egypt. According to one such story, nymph Minthe fell in love with the God of Underworld, Hades and tried to seduce him. Persephone, the Goddess of Underworld and wife of Hades could not tolerate this and converted it into a herb. Mesmerized by her fragrance, Hades knew that she’d be of value even as a plant. And thus it is believed that it is her lingering fragrance that we find in Mint or Mentha and its oil.


From a vast variety of mint, there are few that have excellent commercial value because of their appropriate properties and ease of access and cultivations. Peppermint, Spearmint, Apple mint, Lemon mint, pennyroyal, etc. are few but the kind of demand Peppermint and spearmint enjoy, is incomparable. Though indigenous to Europe, the countries that have taken a lead are United States, India and China.

  • This is a forever lover of water and thus found naturalized near the streams, ponds or river banks. It thrives best in loamy and moist but well drained soil with a pH of about 6.0-7.0. It is prone to rust if too much fertility is added. Partial or filtered shade suits this plant the best.
  • This perennial herb is grown in summers and best time to plant is 3-4 weeks before the last frost of Spring Season. Known to grow vastly and rapidly it is usually planted in containers or some kind of indoors and then shifted to the garden/field after 5-6 weeks of sowing.
  • Planting Peppermint with its companions like Cabbage and Tomatoes can improve the flavour of these friends, but it may choke its enemy plants as well. So be selective and aware while crop companionship.
  • The invasive mint should be kept within metal strips which will help and keep its runners in place and water it regularly and evenly. Avoid overhead watering to prevent the mint fungal rust.
  • Frequent harvesting is the best for peppermint, and that too just before flowering for a sweeter taste. It will help it grow better in the next harvest. It can be harvested twice or thrice in a single growing season.


Peppermint essential oil, as suggested by the name is the concentrated oil extracted from the Peppermint plant by using the method of steam distillation. Generally the extraction is done right before the pinkish-mauve flowers start showing up. Fresh leaves or partly dried leaves are plucked for the process. Generally the yield varies from 0.1% -1.0%.


Knowingly and unknowingly, people all over the world are surrounded with this super friendly herb. Be it toothpaste, talcum powder, soaps, flavours or in your daily dose of tea, it’s found everywhere. And why not? Peppermint Oil has its own set of benefits and qualities that one wouldn’t want to ignore. Its trait of standing out and being recognized in the strongest of aromas and flavours yet complementing the other elements makes it so special. Found in almost all the pain relieving oils, from headache to joint pain, dental healthcare, digestive disorders and scalp treatments, peppermint is an integral part of the healthcare industry as well. This is one of the most versatile oils found in the entire world and is currently being used vastly in cosmetics, therapeutic and culinary industries. Never really gave it a thought right?


  • Relieves pain: Menthol is the most important component of this oil when it comes to pain relief and energizing the body. Peppermint oil helps a great deal in reducing headache and joint pains. Thus, found heavily in pain relieving gels, creams and oils.These pains ain’t got no right age with everyone sticking to the screen these days!!
  • Dental and oral health: Another important component found in the oil is Menthone which prevents the growth of harmful bacteria in the human body. Keeping in mind how prone is the mouth to formation of such bacteria, peppermint oil keeps the mouth clean and odor free. Well, who likes odor anyway?
  • Skincare: Peppermint oil works as a natural astringent and keeps the pores clean. Its cool and warm sensations numbs the skin and prevents redness and inflammation of the same. Worth giving a shot!
  • Cleaning and Hygiene: The anti microbial properties of this wonderful product makes it suitable for all kinds of cleaning purposes. It is used in the cleaning solvents, sanitizing and deodorizing the environment. A clear choice in today’s scenario!
  • Aromatherapy: Neither last not least, for peppermint oil has got many areas to explore. Due to its strong stimulant properties and immediate effect, it is widely used for resolving nasal congestion and better breathing. Circulation of blood is increased which further resolves mood, hormones, digestive and mental issues. This is also a very popular choice in aiding the patients of IBS with digestive disorders.


  • SKINCARE: Add a few drops of SVA PEPPERMINT ESSENTIAL ORGANIC OIL in your daily moisturiser, bodywash, and hand creams. You will notice that not only the frequent skin inflammation is gone, but also it feels like a bliss on the body if the temperature around is higher. Staying cool in the sun seems a good idea!!
  • HAIR AND SCALP: Don’t forget to add a few drops of SVA PEPPERIMINT ESSENTIAL ORGANIC OIL in your shampoos and hair masks since the stimulating power of this oil is so evident, Well. a potential oil for improved hair growth, it may actually reduce the dandruff and any annoying creatures living upon the scalp.
  • HEAD AND BODY ACHES: Diluting 2-3 drops of SVA PEPPERMINT ESSENTIAL ORGANIC OIL with any carrier oil and massaging on the affected area can bring instant sense of relief by numbing the portion and increasing the blood flow. Shoo away those pains.
  • CLEANSING AGENT: Add 1-2 drops of SVA PEPPERMINT ESSENTIAL ORGANIC OIL in a glass of water and cleanse your mouth thoroughly anytime of the day. Speak odor free and confidently. You can also make homemade cleansing solvents by adding a little quantity of this heroic oil.
  • NATURAL MOOD ENHANCER: Such an enchanting and addictive aroma with a trail so strong is a game changer. SVA PEPPERMINT ESSENTIAL ORGANIC OIL uplifts the mood immediately with its chilling and relaxing nature. So...No blues, only greens!!
  • USDA approved SVA PEPPERMINT ESSENTIAL ORGANIC OIL is a promising product for our happy customers all over the world. Its 100% natural and organic for we believe in the purity of product and trade both. We are deeply grateful for the immense love that you have shown to this and all other SVA products. SOME AMAZING AND EFFECTIVE PEPPERMINT OIL DIFFUSER BLENDS TO TRY.

SVA ORGANICS is a trusted and well-reputed brand. Peppermint oil organic manufacturers and Peppermint oil exporters who stand by the values of purity and welfare of human health. We are a peppermint oil organic supplier and deal in peppermint oil bulk and wholesale too. Our customers all over the globe love our peppermint oil and we wish it reaches all the nature lovers out there. 


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