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SRI VENKATESH AROMAS, took its first step into the field of Wellness, healthcare and fragrances about 35 years ago and still finds itself living upto the same quality and values. With the single goal in mind, we have been working continuously to bring positive changes in the lives of people around us and afar. This makes us a leader in the sector for all our products are dedicated to the welfare of human health and environment. One always finds the finest and 100% natural products in our organization.


Our product range includes 100% Natural and Organic Essential oils, a vast range of essential oils, carrier oils, herbal extracts, fragrances, floral absolutes and waxes. Keeping in mind the everyday necessity, our catalogue offers products for skin and hair care, aromatherapy and wellness for mind, body and soul health.


SVA Organics has long been catering to the demands of Indian as well as International market. Our strong database and years of experience makes us understand the needs of the consumers all around the globe. We have also been supporting and helping all those brands who seek a good position in this ever growing market. We specialize in providing Private Label Services to those who wish to establish their own brand with high quality oils.

Private labelling is much more than putting your company’s name and logo on a bottle of essential oil or a carrier oil. It is a presentation of your company, your identity, and your reputation. The products that you choose to private label should meet the same high standards that you set for your company. It has to appeal the audience that you want to target and the products should match with their criteria of quality. Here we take charge with our professional knowledge of product and the market. We give you that boost and guidance that you require. With a strong team of professionals, we know how to make businesses, and we are happy to help you make yours.

Over the years, we have helped many brand to cross this barrier and establish their brands successfully in not just India but in International markets as well. When you put your logo on oil, bottled by a third party, it needs to be the one you can trust. We earn this trust of yours with our high quality oils and highly professional services. Launching new business comes with all kinds of risk, and we promise to eradicate the most with our quality assurance of oils and appealing presentation of products for your target market.


We cohere to the uncompromising standards of the products to bring the highest quality essential oils to our customers. We would like to mention few:

➢ GMP certified

➢ Approved by ISO

➢ A Kosher product

➢ No MOQ

➢ No harmful pesticides

➢ No GMO

Our manufacturing unit is setup in the Heart Of India, Madhya Pradesh which enjoys great land mass and diverse climatic condition, a privilege when it comes to growth of crops. All over India, SVA works in close association with over 60 farms and makes sure that the entire process from sowing the seed to different extraction method, goes according to the prerequisite set of norms and procedure. In-House laboratory also helps us conduct the required tests like GC/MS analysis for the purity tests without any delays. Advanced testing machines and sorted planning makes us different and more reliable in the industry. Our doors are wide open for all kind of customers who require the packaging in totes, barrels, gallons, as well as small bottles.

With all the certifications, we are also eligible to provide you with the purest of oils which you can sell under your brand name internationally. With the growing awareness and popularity of Organic products, we can help you sell Certified Organic oils across the globe without any hassle.

Feel free to contact us, and our team will guide you through every step of the process. We are always there for your help.

Private Label