Bhringraj is a common household term, often associated with haircare products and more particularly with hair oils. Growing up in India, almost every person in the subcontinent would be familiar with the concept of hair massage with Bhringraj oil. What makes the oil so popular?

Eclipta  alba (L.)  Hassk.  also  known  as Bhringraj belongs  to  the family Asteraceae and is commonly known as Bhringraj in India and false daisy in English. It is considered as  a  wild  plant  of  high  ethno-medicinal  significance. The Bhringraj plant is a small, slender, and erect annual herb with a height of about 3-4 feet. It has a cylindrical stem and bears small, white flowers with a yellow center. The leaves are narrow, elongated, and have a serrated edge. The plant has a bushy appearance and is often found growing in moist and damp areas.

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What is Bhringraj Oil?

Bhringraj oil is made from the leaves of the Bhringraj plant. The sun-dried leaves are soaked in carrier oil, such as coconut or sesame, and left in the sun for two to three days. The resulting oil has a light green color and a distinct strong fragrance.

Bhringraj oil is packed with terpenes, phenols, flavonoids, and other antioxidants that lend anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties to the oil. There are several researches to establish credible benefits of the oil for topical application.

Benefits of Bhringraj Oil

Studies on Bhringraj Oil will reveal several benefits of the activities of the compounds found in Bhringraj oil but most of all, it is known for its benefits for the hair.

If Ayurveda is to be believed, Bhringraj oil helps to balance the Vata and Kapha doshas which are known to be a potential cause of hair issues. Due to its inherent properties, Bhringraj may help in increasing blood circulation on the scalp, which may then direct the flow of more nutrients to the hair follicles, nourishing and strengthening them in the process. The oil itself consists of several essential vitamins and minerals that can help reduce the oxidative stress on your hair. The nutritional profile of the oil can also bring enhanced nourishment to your hair, conditioning your hair strands and scalp.

Regular oiling of hair can help manage your hair and make them appear shinier with added lustre.

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How To Use Bhringraj Oil

Incorporating Bhringraj oil in your routine is quite simple and may even help you overcome several issues with your hair, when used consistently. Here are some quick ways to use bhringraj oil for your hair.

Nourishing the scalp

Extract a few drops of Bhringraj oil on the palms of your hand. It is best to search for a hair oil with a dropper for easy extraction. Incidentally, Sri Venkatesh Aromas has just the perfect packaging for you. Extract a few drops of oil using SVA Naturals Bhringraj Oil and gently massage it on your scalp in circular strokes. This will help in deeper penetration of the oil in your follicles. You may leave the oil for a few minutes before washing it off with a mild cleanser. If possible, you may also leave it overnight for best results.

Condition the strands

Did you know that Bhringraj oil can also act as a conditioning mask for your hair strands? To use the oil for this purpose, simply apply a few drops of the oil on your strands from top to bottom, ensuring that your strands are soaked in the oil evenly. Leave the oil on your hair overnight after wrapping the strands comfortably in a bun or braid and wash it off next morning.

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Wrap with a hot towel

You may wrap a hot towel around your hair after application of the oil to help in better absorption of the oil within your scalp and strands.

Bhringraj oil can be used multiple times during a week if you want to give your hair all the love that it truly deserves. If you have been waiting to try it for your hair after hearing about the many benefits of Bhringraj oil for hair, then now is the time.

SVA Naturals’ Bhringraj oil is the perfect companion for your haircare needs. The carrier oil is 100% pure and natural and can be used topically for application on skin and hair. You may use the oil alone, or mix it with another carrier or essential oil of your choice. Click here to shop for Bhringraj oil and stock up on nature’s goodness today!

Bhringraj oil blends well with Coconut oil, Argan Oil, Jojoba oil, Rosemary Oil and Tea Tree oil, among others.

Also, if you would like to market our oil under your brand name, then you will be happy to know that we also offer private labelling services at the most competitive prices.

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