•What is an essential oil?
Essentials oils are volatile fluid extracted from plants and their parts by the process of steam distillation generally. There are subsequently other methods too to extract the oil like cold pressing, wax embedding etc. Essential Oils are widely used for skin, cosmetics, soaps, perfumery and other therapeutic benefits.

•What is carrier oil?
Essential oils are too concentrated to be directly used on skin, so you need to dilute them with Carrier Oil before use. Carrier oil is seed, nut or vegetable oils that have therapeutic properties in them. Carrier oils are mostly extracted through the cold pressing extraction method and go hand in hand with essential oils.

•How should I dilute the carrier oil?
Using concentrated essential oils topically may cause skin irritation, patches or blemishes therefore to keep your own safety you need to dilute the oil with carrier oil. As per the recommended dilution rate 1%, 2%, 3% this % will determine how many drops of carrier oil is needed to blend the oil.

•How should I use essential oil in diffuser?
One of the best ways to utilise the Essential Oil is in the diffuser for aromatherapy. If you are new in using Essential Oils for your diffuser then just follow these simple steps:
Select a location: Choose an open arena i.e. Near nightstand or solid table keeping in mind about plug-in location. As water is also used, so it is better to have a towel below the wooden surface. It’s better to avoid sunlight and placing the diffuser near fan.
Add Essential Oil: Basically, the diffuser has a water level line, fill your water diffuser tank with clean tap water that is room temperature. Don’t overfill the water.
Well, you can add 6-10 drops of an essential oils in the water or you can make a blend too by mixing different types of essential oils together.
Adding 5-6 drops of essential oils are enough but for a strong scent.

•How can I assess the aroma of an essential oil, Absolute or extract?
To assess the aroma of Essential Oil you can do the fragrance tester strip or coffee filter paper. Dip the strip in the oil and then waft the tested strips under your nose. By this you will come to know about the strength of oil as well as its intensity over time.
Every essential oil varies in fragrance and intensity. By doing a simple tricks of using strips can help you in assessing its true fragrance.

•Are your products 100% pure with no additives added in them?
Over 35+ year experience in supplying essential oils, we ensure in building the trust and quality supply of oils in the market. We also have Gas chromatography (GCMS) reports of our product available. Not only this we believe in quality supply of essential oils, with 100% purity and our oils are also USDA certified Organic. In the world where quality seems to be fluctuated we make sure you get the best products and at the best prices.

•What does USDA Certified means?
Under the United State Department of Agriculture (USDA) Certification means that our products are in compliance with USDA Standards and have undergone the investigation and supervision by the auditor and has earned this certification. The products are free of pesticides and other toxic chemicals.

•Can I place order in bulk?
We deal in all sizes and our large production capacity makes us work efficiently in bulk quantities too. It would be our immense pleasure to quote you about the bulk sizes of any of our product you want to enquire about. We are always ready to serve you.

•What is the best way to store essential Oils?
The oils should be stored in a cool, dark and dry place and the lid should be tightly closed after each use.

•Have your essential oils being tested over Animals?
No, our essential oils are not tested on animals. They are completely vegan and cruelty free. We care for the environment and all beings.

•How long does essential oils lasts?
Essential oils can generally last over a period of 3 years from the date of packaging.

•Is there any difference between essential oils and fragrance oils?
Yes, the two oils are completely different. Essential Oils are pure concentration of the plant part extracted through various distillation processes whereas Fragrance oil are synthetic oils that are created in laboratory.