The World of Essential Oils

The wonderful world of essential oils is vast, intriguing, and a bit confusing. The highly concentrated and volatile essential oils, known for their exquisite aroma properties, are procured from different parts of plants, such as petals, rind, seeds, or others, depending on the oil. From aromatherapy and treating skin problems to soothing muscle inflammation, the benefits of these all-natural essential oils are plentiful. Popular methods of essential oil extraction include steam distillation, water distillation, solvent extraction, CO2 extraction, maceration, enfleurage, and cold press extraction. These different methods of extraction affect the quality of essential oil by means oftemperature and pressure applied. From an estimated ten thousand varieties of existing aromatic plants, about 500 of these are processed commercially for essential oil extraction.

Quality Vs Purity—Not the Same Thing, But Equally Important

In terms of holistic aromatherapy standards, an oil that is not pure is undoubtedlythought of poor quality.Even an oil that is marked 100% pure may not have been rightlyprocessed and may work as nothing more than afragrant form of liquid.To assure both quality and purity, SVA Organicshave to stick to some of the stringent quality standards followed in the industry.

The quality of essential oils may vary in quality, standards of production, company culture, price, distribution, and other factors. Unfortunately,not all essential oils are created equal. We, at SVA Organics, believe it is our foremost duty to provide all the information of our essential oils to our customers, so they stay aware and well-equipped with the knowledge when they purchasea product where quality and purity matter more than anything.

Know the Supplier

We sourceoil samples only from farmers, distillers, or wholesalers whose practices and integrity we have come to trust over time.Oils can be adulterated at various stages, and in many different ways, which make it even more important for us to work only with honest players involved in the essential oil trade to build business and reputation. Before moving towards the next step, we would ensure their commitment to quality and purity is as strong as ours.

Know the Oil

The quality of essential oils can be compromised in several ways, ranging from growing conditions, part of the plant used, how the plant was harvested, distilled, and manufactured, as well as the packaging, storage, and handling. All these factors potentially affect both quality and therapeutic effect of essential oils. The positive outcomes of essential oils are a direct result of the constituent profile of the raw materials. We subject the raw material from our suppliersto thorough quality control inspection for the next step towards an assurance of quality and purity. A good tip for any consumer of essential oil is to always purchase by Latin name, for example, there are several species of lavender.

Quantifiable Testing of Essential Oils

Determining the authenticity of the essential oil requires experts to trust their senses! Our expert staff of aromatherapists with extensive experience withorganoleptic testing identify potential adulterants and extenders. It involves evaluating the color, consistency, and general appearance of the oil against a good-quality essential oil. This type of testing helps them reveal notable points about the oil’s quality and purity.

SVA Organicshave set up an in-house laboratory for GCMS analysis for guaranteed purity. We have our oils tested with the Gas Chromatography (GC) and Mass Spectrometry (MS) tests that usually run simultaneously. We run GC/MS testing on every batch of oil received from the supplier. Although we work with our most-trusted farmers and distillers, we tend to get the oil checked by multiple third-party laboratories to ensure what we sell to our customers is nothing but 100% pure and excellent quality essential oil.

We also maintain batch-specific GC/MS reports and provide them upon request. While most venders do not provide these reports, we believe in being transparent about our productsand respect the right of our customers to know more about a product they are going to use.

Before it Goes to Our Customers...

Every single step in the testing process is important to keep out high standards intact while still delivering affordable prices to our customers. We keep on eliminating the batches of oil that don’t meet our set standards of quality during the testing phase, while the best ones make it through to our manufacturing unit in Madhya Pradesh. From there, our organic and pesticide-free essential oils are supplied to our varied customer base in totes, barrels, gallons, as well as small bottles.

All the SVA Natural’s products comes with a specific batch code. This unique code precisely informs us about the exact batch of oil your bottle belongs to. All test reports can be made available upon request.