Essential Oils with Your Brand: Private Labeling for Success

About Sri Venkatesh Aromas 

Sri Venkatesh Aromas is a pioneer in the field of essential oils and carrier oils. We were founded about 35 years ago, and even today, we live up to the same quality and values that our founders built when they first began their advent with the brand. We have a single goal in our minds that we have been working on continuously. Our firm intent is to bring positive changes in the lives of those connected with us. 

Get Premium Essential Oils With Your Logo and Brand Name 

At Sri Venkatesh Aromas, we perform private labelling (also known as white label). We can help you build your own essential oils brand range as we deliver customized packaging on our premium and high-quality essential oils, carrier oils, floral absolutes, waxes, and herbal extracts. We can help you with end-to-end private labelling services, from labelling the products to bottling and shipping them to your doorstep. We can even provide you with our esteemed label-designing service for a small one-time fee. Or else you may even send us your labels and packaging materials. At competitive rates, we will bottle, label, and pack your products and ship them to your location worldwide. 

Imagine Your Brand Name and Logo on Premium Essential Oils 

Sri Venkatesh Aromas provides you with the best essential oils with private labelling on our authentic essential oils and other products. We bottle all orders with great care and precision to ensure the delivery of the best quality products. 

All you need to do is to follow these simple steps to understand our private labelling procedure. 

  1. Let us know about the oils or products you like, and we will send a quote to get started.
  2. Send your artwork, printed labels, or a logo, and we will help you set up your labels without hassle.
  3. We will pack and ship the products with your labels to the desired location.

We place priority on maintaining the quality of our products. Often cheaper essential oils in the market support the quality of their products and are mixed with synthetic oils or fragrances to make them appear best. At Sri Venkatesh Aromas, every batch of essential oils is tested and checked for purity to ensure our customers get the best. At the same time, we also try to keep the prices of our products as reasonable as possible while maintaining the highest quality of our products.

More Information on Our Private Labelling Procedure

Bottles Used By Us

Our standard bottles used for packing essentials oils include the following:

  • Bottles of essential oils: Amber glass bottle in packaging sizes 5ml, 10ml, 15ml, and more.
  • All essential oils bottles have black caps with a dropper.
  • You can contact us for any custom bottles and sizes.

Making Your Labels

There are three ways to get started with your labels:

  • Design your labels, get them printed, and send them to us.
  • Design your labels and send us your artwork; we will print and apply your labels.
  • If you still need your label, we can design and print one for you. We print our labels on white high gloss water and oil-proof label sheets. We can customize the label depending on the bottle size.

Getting Started

To get started with us, fill out the form on our ‘contact us’ page, telling us about the details of your project. Be as specific as you can and share details about what type of oils you require, the types of necessary bottles, the quantity of the bottles, the design of your label, and the timeline within which you need the products. We will be in touch with you shortly after that.


  • Essential Natural Oils

    At, we’re excited to offer private labelling services in partnership with Sri Venkatesh Aromas. With over 35 years of experience, they ensure premium quality and customization for your brand’s essential oils. From packaging to shipping, they handle it all, making it seamless for you to build your own essential oils brand.

  • Sri Venkatesh Aromas

    Hello Stephanie. We have replied to your message through mail. Kindly get back to us with your response. We are grateful for your interest in our products.

  • Stephanie

    I was just curious what the protocol is if I was interested in buying bulk from you to resell under my own name and packaging. I’m not sure how that works and what the steps for that would be. Please let me know more details.
    Thank you so much!

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