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USDA-certified organic essential oils provide them with a certain assurance of purity, We are manufacturer of Essential oils. To always deal with integrity and provide the highest levels of customer service backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Policy.

This is our motto and we are experts in delivering the best 100% organic Essential Oils in the market. Our goal is to procure the most exotic ingredients with powerful healing benefits from around the globe. Our range of essential and cold press oils is unrivaled.

We source only from best suppliers whom we know well and have checked their work, We care about product quality, Raw material is subject to thorough quality control inspection. Our Promise to our customers is to provide the highest levels of customer service backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

What client say ?

  • I have used several bottles of this oil. I make cold process soap, bath salts and blended in a roller ball for sinus relief. Smells great and I have no doubt it's pure, smells just as good/strong as the peppermint I have from Mtn Rose Herbs. Can't beat th
    100% of 100
  • Burns well. The fragrance fills my home for days with a small amount. I tried many other oils and none are as good as this one or last as long.
    100% of 100
  • I had not heard of SVA Organics, yet as I was browsing for high volumes of even gallon amounts of essential oils, i came upon this company and ordered and recieved the ABSOLUTE best smelling Citronella oil that I'd ever had in my 26 years as an Aromathera
    100% of 100
    Maureen Ellis Aromatherapist
  • Katrina Bradley
  • Denise P.
  • Maureen Ellis

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Rosemary Essential Oil

While Rosemary worldwide is recognized for its culinary uses and exquisite flavor, its benefits for health, beauty and wellness have not been hidden. Though it may taste great on salads, dishes with lemon zest and olive oil, you will be surprised to use this herb as an essential oil as part of your wellness, beauty enhancement, cognitive and stress reduction benefits.

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Tea Tree Essential Oil

If you are even a slightly into skincare, we are sure you must have heard of Tea tree Essential oil. This popular product has made its place from medicine cabinets to internationally recognized branded creams, lotions, face washes, shampoos and much more, and that too within few decades.

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Private Label

SRI VENKATESH AROMAS, took its first step into the field of Wellness, healthcare and fragrances about 35 years ago and still finds itself living upto the same quality and values.

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