Frankincense Carterii Essential Oil, ORGANIC

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SVA ORGANICS is a leading manufacturer, exporter, wholesaler and supplier of 100% Pure and Natural FRANKINCENSE CARTERII ESSENTIAL OIL worldwide. Our catalogue features a range of stellar products for skin care, hair care & aromatherapy.

PREMIUM THERAPEUTIC GRADE FRANKINCENSE CARTERII ESSENTIAL OIL: - SVA ORGANICS FRANKINCENSE CARTERII ESSENTIAL OIL Organic is obtained by steam distillation extraction of Boswellia Carterii resin. It is 100% Pure & Natural, Authentic essential oil. Our FRANKINCENSE CARTERII ESSENTIAL OIL is not tested on Animals. We care for you!

STEAM DISTILLED FRANKINCENSE CARTERII ESSENTIAL OIL: USDA Certified ORGANIC FRANKINCENSE CARTERII ESSENTIAL OIL is one of the best essential oils that have natural soothing properties to uplift your mood. Just add a few drops in your diffuser. It has been used in cosmetic formulations & beauty products like skin creams, lotions, soaps, hair shampoo, hair conditioners and more.

GREAT ESSENTIAL OIL FOR BODY: Besides having a soothing aromatic impact on you, SVA Organics FRANKINCENSE CARTERII ESSENTIAL Oil do wonders in your body care formulations especially if you are looking for young, hydrated glowing skin. It deeply moisturizes your face, feet and body and excellent oil for skin brightening. Mix it with carrier oil for best results.

MULTIPLE BEAUTY CARE BENEFITS: Frankincense Carterii oil organic has multiple benefits such as aromatherapy, skin care & hair care. It can be added to your favorite hair oils and lotions to make your hair smooth and silky. Combine it with base oils known as carrier oils to apply on skin, hair and body & experience incredible benefits.

100% AUTHENTIC & RISK FREE PURCHASE: SVA Organics is committed to providing our customers with high quality authentic products that deliver an extraordinary experience. In a time when quality seems to be compromised by price by others, we are determined to be different and continue to offer the genuine quality we are known for.

•Make sure to add few drops of SVA ORGANICS Frankincense Carterii Essential Oil, USDA certified ORGANIC in your massage blends or aromatherapy oils.Not only you'll be getting in a relaxed state but also will be pampering your skin in the form of antioxidants and vitamins. It's already saying thanks to you!!

•Take 3-4 drops of SVA ORGANICS Frankincense Carterii Essential Oil, USDA certified ORGANIC in your palm and rub. Gently rub the palms with the inside of your pillow cover if suffering from lack of sleep. The aroma of frankincense is said to be beneficial for mental relaxation.

•Add 2-3 drops of SVA ORGANICS Frankincense Carterii Essential Oil, USDA certified ORGANIC to your hair oil and massage onto the scalp at least once a week, or whenever having a headache or work stress. It’ll be gone in minutes plus the scalp and follicles will be thanking you for getting the product!

• Frankincense has anti inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties which makes it a suitable product for your beauty and personal care. Add few drops of SVA ORGANICS Frankincense Carterii Essential Oil, USDA certified ORGANIC to your daily creams, moisturisers, body lotions, hand creams, etc and witness the changes in the texture of your skin. It will help in reducing inflammation, itchiness, redness, acne, dark spots, wrinkles, fine lines, stretch marks and even blemishes.

•SVA ORGANICS Frankincense Carterii Essential Oil, USDA certified ORGANIC is great for menstrual cramps. Dilute the oil in castor oil and and massage on the abdomen gently to get relief from the pain.

The above statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition. Caution: Keep out of reach of children. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult a health professional prior to use.
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