Make your travel aromatic: Lemony refreshment on the go!

For many who love travelling, the adventure and thrill of exploring a new place is no less than food for the soul. However, when the long hours of travel turn tiring, you must have a solution to combat the sleazy unease. How else would you make the most of your travel journey, if you aren't refreshed and energized! Keep reading to discover a unique product that will serve the purpose perfectly.

A Zesty Experience with Lemon Essential Oil

SVA Naturals: Best wholesale manufacturers of Lemon essential oils in bulk

You read that right! Manufactured from the peels of fresh lemons, our Lemon essential oil is the perfect companion for all your travel trips. With its refreshing and citrusy scent, this essential oil is a powerhouse of nature’s wonders, exuding a strong aroma that promotes pleasantness in the surroundings. It should come as no surprise, especially since the use of lemon oil for aromatherapy is widely popular.

Eager to know how to use the essential oil, while you are on the move? Let us give you the inspiration that you require to start using this aromatic wonder.

Aromatherapy on the move: Exploring the wonders of Lemon Essential OilLeading exporter of lemon essential oil in bulk

Here are some interesting ways to include the citrusy delight of lemon essential oils in your routine during travels:

Portable Aromatherapy with Wholesale Essential Oils

Who could have thought that you could carry your own dose of refreshment wherever you go! Lemon essential oil by SVA Naturals is available in sizes as small as 1 ounce, which allows you to carry the oil on the move. Consider picking a portable diffuser or a personal inhaler that allows you to take a whiff of the refreshing oil, whenever you desire. Inhaling the citrusy scent of the essential oil will give you to experience instant mood uplift.

Citrusy Goodness with Every Flight

If you have flown before now, you would know that the insides of an airplane can feel dizzying at times, since the air is mostly recycled. An easy way to combat this is to add a few drops of the lemon essential oil to a spray bottle filled with water. Each time you feel that the staleness of the air around you, is getting to you, simple spritz some of the solution to create an instantly pleasant environment.

Personal Diffuser Blend

Who could have thought that it would be so easy to create your very own diffuser blend for travel! It is a very simple, yet effective way to incorporate the lemony goodness of lemon essential oil in your travel routine. Check out SVA Naturals, the leading wholesale manufacturer, supplier and exporter of essential oils in bulk. Here, you can obtain high quality essential oils in bulk and wholesale for all your needs. Create your own diffuser blend by combining:

Add the combined essential oils in a glass vial or an empty bottle of essential oil. Each time you want to use the blend, simple drop or roll few drops of the oil on a tissue or a cotton ball and inhale from it deeply for an instant burst of freshness.

Refreshing Hand Sanitizer on the go

Using a hand sanitizer during travel is non-negotiable. By adding a few drops of high quality lemon essential oil in your sanitizer, you can improve the product’s performance while retaining its benefits.

Roller Blend for Your Skin

Since essential oils can be pretty strong, they must not be applied to the skin directly. But, an easy way to combat this is by adding a few drops of lemon essential oil to a carrier oils such as coconut, jojoba or argan. You can then bottle this mixture in a bottle of roller blend and apply the oil blend to your wrists, temples, neck or insides of the elbows, as and when required.

Aromatic Neck Pillow

With the best lemon essential oil in hand, it is also possible to infuse its refreshing scent inside your travel neck pillow. Use a cotton ball or a tissue and drop some drops of the oil to it. Tuck inside the neck pillow to turn your journey into a paradise of refreshment.


At SVA Naturals, we believe that your travel journeys must be as aromatic and pleasant as the destinations you visit. In this endeavour, our lemon essential oil emerges as the perfect companion that will help you stay fresh and vibrant all along. Let the citrusy vitality of our high quality essential oils benefit your travel plans.

Consider exploring the wide collection of essential oils, offered in bulk and small sizes at SVA Naturals. We promise to bring you the freshest and most authentic ingredients with every bottle of essential oil that leaves our door. Let us become your travel companion with our wholesale collection of essential oils at unbeatable prices.

Now that you know what does lemon essential oil smell like, make sure that you are using lemon essential oil for its aroma by picking authentic natural wholesale essential oils from us. We are also open to collaborating with customer for private labelling of our bulk lemon essential oil.

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