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As the best essential oil manufacturer, supplier and exporter, Sri Venkatesh Aromas is a consumer favourite destination to shop for essential oils in bulk. The brand handles bulk manufacturing of carrier oils, herbal extracts and fragrances, in addition to a production of bulk essential oils. Choose Sri Venkatesh Aromas as your trusted essential oil supplier in India and buy bulk essential oils for your needs at the best wholesale prices.
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      Essential oils often referred to as nature's aromatic treasures, have been cherished for centuries for their therapeutic, aromatic, and culinary properties. These potent and concentrated liquids are extracted from various parts of plants, capturing the essence of their fragrance and medicinal attributes. Whether used for relaxation, skincare, or aromatherapy, essential oils offer a diverse range of benefits that extend beyond their captivating scents. Sri Venkatesh Aromas is a leading wholesale manufacturer, supplier and exporter of essential oils in bulk. We offer a large variety of organic essential oil in wholesale and 100% pure carrier oil and essential oils.

      The history of essential oils dates back to ancient civilizations, where they were revered for their healing properties and spiritual significance. Modern usage of essential oils encompasses a broad spectrum, from promoting mental clarity and emotional balance to supporting physical health. Each essential oil boasts a unique profile, with distinct therapeutic qualities. Whether used individually or blended, these oils have found their way into households, spas, and natural wellness practices worldwide. As a bulk wholesale supplier, we have the capacity to fulfill your orders in large quantities.

      Find Wholesale Aromatherapy Essential Oils

      If you have been on the hunt for the best aromatherapy essential oils, look no further. In aromatherapy, essential oils are often used in different ways, such as through inhalation, topical application, or diffusion. Inhalation involves breathing in the aroma directly, either through steam inhalation, adding a few drops to a tissue or inhaling from a diffuser. As wholesale suppliers of essential oils, Sri Venkatesh Aromas is the best place to buy bulk essential oils.

      Organic Essential Oil Manufacturer For Topical Application

      Another reason to purchase essential oils in wholesale bulk quantities is because they are widely used for topical application on skin, hair and body. You can browse for a wide array of organic essential oils in bulk as well as carrier oils for use on scalp, hair lengths, face, and body.

      Do not forget to check out our complete collection of essential oils and carrier oils to know more.

      Where to Buy Pure Essential Oils Online: Count on Sri Venkatesh Aromas

      At Sri Venkatesh Aromas, our commitment to product excellent goes beyond providing the best oils for your face and body. We understand that when you purchase a bottle of essential or carrier oil, you seek only 100% pure carrier oil and essential oils, which are truly bottled with care, preserving nature’s original goodness.

      As you explore our page for various products, discover a wide range of essential oils, carrier oils, herbal extracts, fragrances, floral absolutes and waxes, organic oils and oleoresins. You will discover that holistic natural goodness is only a click away from you at our website. We are confident that you will find the best essential oils in bulk at our website, and at the most attractive prices. Embrace the power of nature with Sri Venkatesh Aromas and bask in the goodness of nature’s best. Check out our online website today and shop for bulk essential oils at the best wholesale prices.



      Why should you choose Sri Venkatesh Aromas

      Sourced Direct from Nature

      As a leading supplier and manufacturer of bulk essential oils, we trust that nature has much to offer and we make an effort to bottle the goodness of nature in every bottle of oil that leaves our bulk manufacturing facility.

      Trusted for Best Quality

      At Sri Venkatesh Aromas, we believe in delivering the best quality essential oils at the most competitive prices. Our strong focus and commitment towards quality is a reason why we are the trusted choice for essential oil manufacturers and suppliers by our customers.

      Most Economic Bulk Prices

      As a bulk supplier of essential oils and carrier oils in bulk, we are committed to bring the most economic prices for our products to your doorstep. We have been appreciated and repeatedly chosen by our customers because of our competitive prices.